💰How To Buy?

You can buy and store $BDOG in your wallet.

1)Install Metamask and Create a Wallet



Google Play

2)Add custom chain:

Go to Settings > Networks > Add custom network

Enter these Informations:

Bitrock Mainnet Information

Network Name: Bitrock Main Network

RPC URL: https://connect.bit-rock.io

Symbol: BROCK

Chain ID: 7171

Explorer: https://explorer.bit-rock.io

3)Top up your wallet with $BROCK

There 2 ways to do it.

  1. Buy $BROCK from MEXC or BITMART then withdraw to your Metamask Wallet. (Choose BROCK CHAIN)

  2. You can buy on Uniswap then bridge to $BROCK CHAIN on Sphynx

4) Buy on Rock-Swap

  • Go to Rock-Swap

  • Connect Your Wallet

  • Paste the Contract Adress There. Ca: 0xa9fae95179ba375b0e7e6bcb4932fb484138c6e4

  • Set Slippage to %12

  • Swap It!

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